Stippled printClose up of stippled surfaceWith stipple reducedClose up from large printClose up from small printClose up of badly faded and scratched print

When assessing photographs for restoration we have to take into account the size of the original image. You may at first think that a bigger original print will cost more to restore - but this is not necessarily the case.

The side images are showing what happens with certain stippled paper finishes. When seen in close up they form tiny peaks and troughs which catch the light. They make restoration very difficult especially if they have then worn down. There are a few techniques which help to reduce this effect but you can never get rid of it totally. Two sepia illustrations on this page are taken from prints of approximately the same age. The gent is from a 1/8th plate carte de visite whilst the lady is from a double plate print. The face area from the large print shows a lot more detail but the small one shows that there is no detail and the hairline scratches are a significant problem.

With the large print it is possible to achieve exceptional quality results as there is so much detail that can be found. But for a basic restore it is actually a little easier than the small original. Restoring a very small original may never achieve high quality results as the damage becomes as significant as the image.

This example split in two clearly demonstrates that the damage and scratches are in fact clearer and darker than the remaining image. This level of damage and fading creates huge probalems and may not be resolveable.

The area on the right of the image has been altered to enhance the tonal structure and shows just how significant the scratches become.

Recently I have been asked to restore a photograph from 1950 which was 70 inches by 40 inches. I was able not only to restore it but give the customer a new print back of the same size.

Let us take a look at your photograph and we will assess the viability of restoring your print. Click here to email us a scan. Restoring a faded photograph and supplying a new print is from £25


The Problem with stippled paper can now be alleviated somewhat as I have purchased a photographic copy bench which allows for softer light sources and less shadowing in the stipple.





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