Rebuilding parts of an image is an art unto itself. Many years ago I was asked by a customer to "Take the lady's hat off". When I suggested it would be difficult to know what her hair looked like underneath she answered "Well you'll know when you take her hat off".

Unfortunately it's not that simple. Some rebuilding work is straight forward and can be acheived quite easily. Others are a matter of having a good knowledge both of photography and anatomy. The example shown here was of a photograph that had been damaged when the lady's son had drawn a moustache and beard on her new photograph. Feeling very naughty he thought it would be good to scrape it back off again. For many years he had been troubled by it and, now an elderly man himself, hs son wanted the print restored to present to him. In this kind of work it can only be guess-work as there is nothing to work from except sufficent knowledge of portraiture to know where the light and shade may fall.

Such rebuilds are taken on solely on the understanding that the end result cannot be guaranteed. I would normally ask a small fee to undertake the work, even if unsuccessful, as there may be many hours required to complete it. In this instance the client was delighted.

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