I cannot give an exact quote for work required without seeing the actual photograph in question. However if you have access to a scanner or a smartphone you can send me an email with the photo attached and I can give you a close estimate of the cost.

1) If emailing send to steve@photo-consult.co.uk   Scan your photo at 200dpi and attach to email. Please keep the file size down below 5MB. Alternatively take a photo on your phone or iPad and email it directly, or SMS to 07955 883448

2) Or post your photograph in a card backed envelope (usually available from your local post office) and send by Special Delivery to:-

Photo Consult, 1 Cann St.  Tottington, Lancashire BL8 3PE

3) On receipt of your photograph it will be assessed, (scanned if needed) and securely stored. If received in digital form an estimate will be given for the cost of work. If the print itself is received an accurate quote will be given instead.

4) If the charges are acceptable I will do the restoration work and show you (usually via email or via a special area on our website) the finished work.


5) Only at this stage is payment requested.

6) If the estimate is not accepted we will arrange return at our expense.

7) Finished work will be returned, securely packaged, by special delivery.

Note: If you are wanting to send a photograph that is stuck to glass, or a glass negative, please contact me first for advice. 01204 886173



I have established a superb hi-resolution copy system which outperforms all domestic scanning systems. I would recommmend that your initial scan is only used for assessment and not for restoration. Please post or deliver your original and it will be copied using the highest quality system offered by photo repairers/restorers


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